General provisions

1. The following rules determines sale, booking and ticket return conditions for events organized by The Elblag Chamber Orchestra in Elblag (later referred to as the "Rules"),
2. For the rules needs the "events" term is understood as concerts and other forms of activities organized by The Elblag Chamber Orchestra in Elblag that involve listeners participation,
3. Ticket purchase or booking is equal to acceptation of the rules and obligate to abide them,
4. As often as "box office" is mentioned it refers the box office of The Elblag Chamber Orchestra in Elblag at  Stary Rynek 25, open:
a) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:00-16:00;
b) Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00-18:00;
c) An hour before every event that require tickets;
5. Whenever "The Elblag Chamber Orchestra website" is mentioned it refers to the website 


1. Ripped tickets are invalid,
2. Ticket price is gross price and include goods and services tax within the stake at the moment of purchase,
3. Unused tickets become invalid,
4. The Elblag Chamber Orchestra does not exchange sold tickets.

Types of tickets and reliefs

1. The Elblag Chamber Orchestra sells the following types of tickets and carnets: regular, reduced, family and music lover carnet. The tickets differ in price, purchase conditions or contribution conditions,
2. Regular ticket allow to attend an event, it is sold to a person that does not qualify for other types of tickets,
3. Reduced ticket allow to attend an event, it is sold to a person that comply with at least one of the following requirements:
a) is middle of secondary school student;
b) is full-time or part-time student or attends external studies, under the age of 26;
c) is pensioner or old-age pensioner;
d) is disabled person;
4. Reliefs are available to a person that will present a valid document while purchasing,
5. Ticket and valid document should be presented to an attendance by the entrance,
6. A person eligible for reduced ticket purchase may make it available only to a person also eligible for reduced ticket,
7. Family ticket allow to attend an event, it is sold to a person that purchase regular or reduced (if is eligible to do so) ticket for a schoolchild under the age of 13,
8. Music lover carnet allow to attend an event in artistic season, the carnet is valid (for six months) I from September to Febuary, II from March to August (the carnet does not include special concerts, Hogmanay or concerts realized by external groups), only one person can exploit the carnet:
a) Carnet usage - contribution in the concert should be validate two weeks before the concert, personally, by email or by the phone;
b) Ownership of the carnet alone, without earlier booking, does not guarantee seat at the concert;
9. Aside from tickets, The Elblag Chamber Orchestra can give invitations on a discretionary basis.


1. The Elblag Chamber Orchestra box office takes care about ticket sale,
2. During some selected events tickets can by purchased:
a) In The Elblag Chamber Orchestra office;
b) At the event place, an hour before beginning;
c) By money transfer with earlier booking PKO S.A nr 80 1020 1752 0000 0302 0099 9706, in the topic please write your last name (or the institution) which was booked, date of the event and tickets quantity (reduced, regular). Tickets can be picked up in the Elblag Chamber Orchestra box office two workdays after the transfer or directly before a concert;
3. Payment in the box office can be done only by cash,
4. In accordance with the tax statute, The Elblag Chamber Orchestra issue an invoice for individual customers only at the request of the customer for 7 days after ticket purchase or money transfer, however not later that last day of a month in which tickets were purchased. Willingness of an invoice receival should be reported at the moment of ticket purchase or booking. 


1. The Elblag Chamber Orchestra takes care about booking.
2. Tickets can be booked:
a) By the phone 55 237-47-49/50;
b) On the website or by email  (booking is valid after the confirmation);
c) Personally;
3. In order to make a booking it is essential to give the following information:
a) Ticket type;
b) Name and last name;
c) Contact number;
d) If a customer wants to receive an invoice it is required to give all the informations;
4. Refuse to give information in the third point forbid to make a booking,
5. Booked tickets should be purchased in two weeks after the booking date, after that time the booking is automatically canceled. Booking is possible three days before the concert at the latest,
6. Indivitual customers can pick up tickets paid by money transfer after presentation of a valid document or the transfer confirmation. Individual customers should present the transfer confirmation or authorization for the ticket pick-up issued by particular institution.

Ticket return

1. The Elblag Chmaber Orchestra reserves the right to do any changes in the programme,
2. Tickets can be returned one day before the concert at the latest,
3. Ground for the ticket return is undamaged condition. Receipt or invoice that validates the purchase is needed while solicit for return. Lack of those documents authorizes The Elblag Chamber Orchestra employee to refuse the ticket return, 
4. The Elblag Chamber Orchestra provide for introducing different rules of returns in particular cases.

Personal details

1. Forwarding the personal details in the run of booking, a person agrees for storage and processing the data by The Elblag Chmaber Orchestra towards making a booking, ticket purchase or necessary contact,
2. The data received by The Elblag Chamber Orchestra are not given to any third parties.

Final provisions

1. Possible clarifications are given by The Elblag Chmaber Orchestra office or The Elblag Chamber Orchestra box office, tel.  55 237-47-49/50
2. Present Rules shall enter into force on the 10.10.2013.